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How Would You Handle the Following Scenarios?

Drinking or drugs on the job?
Stealing on the job?
Conflict with another employee?
Irate citizen?
An employee crisis at an emergency?
Sexual harassment?
Racial situation?
Conflicting orders at an emergency?
An order that could place you in great danger or be morally wrong?

Example: You're a firefighter, and the guys on your shift want you to participate in a joke on the female firefighter. What do you do?

Many candidates seem to think this is standard practice for being a firefighter, and assume everyone is part of a family and it's expected, or depending how bad the joke is, or I've played jokes on others before, etc.
Dissect the question down to its simplest form to one or two words. What is the core purpose of this question? Take off the disguise and you will have one of the questions from the 30 plus oral board questions often asked. What do you think it is.... SEXUAL HARASSMENT! This is a simple tool to uncomplicated the process. There are only about 30 oral board questions. They can be disguised in hundreds of different ways. It's your job to take off the disguise and find the real question.

Sexual harassment questions are the most dangerous of oral board areas. It's a can of worms you don't want to open. If you do, you will never be able to close the can. You need to keep your answers short and simple here. Otherwise, you will talk yourself into trouble. It has nothing to do with which gender, it's how it's interpreted by the person that is offended. The oral interview is like fantasy land. It is not like the real world. Your answers in the oral board might not be what you would do in real life. Don't fall into the trap. The board understands the rules, you can't fool them. Don't try to intellectualize and bring heavy logic to this process. If you do, someone, who understands the rules better will get the job over you.

Courtesy of: Captain Bob at Capt. Bob Smith, Speaker, Author, Publisher, Information Products. 5565 Black Ave. Pleasanton 94566 Phone: (925) 846-3959

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