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Planning ahead for your Firefighter Test or Interview

- Plan and set out the clothing you are going to wear the night before.
- Set two alarm clocks as back up.
- Make sure your transportation in reliable. Fill the car with gas if necessary the day before. - Carry enough cash for parking and at least $10. in quarters for meters.
- Review directions to the testing or interview site. Even consider driving the rout and explore the parking situations.
- If your interview is on Wednesday, don't do any further practicing after Tuesday. You're not going to get any better. Just go over everything one time on the drive in if you need the reassurance.
- The day of the test or interview, avoid caffeine or large amounts of sugar.
- Bring something to read other than related materials to take your mind off the process before the event. This will help relax you.
- Make sure you have your drivers license and required materials.

Oral Interview Preparation

Simple Tools to Uncomplicate the Process
1. The job interview is like auditioning for a play. Do you meet the minimum
requirements? You must know your lines for the part.
2. To learn your part, make an outline why you want this position, what you
have done to prepare, why do you want to work for this agency, etc. It must be
about you; not a clone of someone else.
3. The outline will become your script to audition for the part. Practice,
rehearse, and over learn the part with a tape recorder until it becomes second
nature to you. This will help prevent stage fright.
4. With tremendous enthusiasm, use your new role to capture the first 32
seconds of your audition. This creates its own energy.
5. Don't reiterate in your closing. Use only the key points not already
covered in your script. Without being boring, tell the interviewers how you
really want the job and with your qualifications hope to be considered for the
position. Make a cordial ending. Then, shut up and get out of the building.
Courtesy of FirePrep: Don McNea Fire School, 13917 Cleveland, OH 44136 Web:

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