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How Do I Find Out Which Fire Departments Are Accepting Applications/Hiring and when ?

Finding fire departments that are hiring can be as difficult as finding a needle in a hay stack if you don't have the right contacts. Too many qualified candidates miss out on their dream of becoming a fire fighter because they simply do not know who is hiring, when the application deadlines are or what a particular department is looking for. Take the guess work and news paper ads out of the picture let the experts tell you where to go and how to get it done. Don't be one of those "I always wanted to be a fireman", join the team that will open the doors to your dream so you can say "I am a fireman". You must take responsibility for yourself, stay ahead of the pack and be responsive!

There are many ways to find fire departments, but don't waist your valuable time heading down dead end paths or missing the boat. There is no single method that is the best and Fire Career Assistance does not claim to have every job opportunity throughout the 16 western states and Florida, but neither can any other similar service. However, Fire Career Assistance does have one of the largest Firefighter/EMS job postings for immediate action. FCA gives you the tools you'll need to make the application process easy, by providing the Fire Departments H/R mailing addresses and web sites for departments that are hiring and we do this every month. Again no other service offers this! Our service delivers all the information and tools you need with very little effort and even less money. Why continue using costly services that don't provide you with the latest job postings, web site links, mailing addresses, testing tips and advice from professionals when Fire Career Assistance does? The information that follows will assist you in developing a road map for success by utilizing the job announcements, web sites and mailing addresses. Remember, these active methods are not a waste of your time or money! They should be considered another "tool in your toolbox" to assist you in your pursuit of becoming a firefighter. I want to stress the importance of not relying just on one method of finding out which fire departments are accepting applications; but by actually having a game plan that will guide you from point A to point B, and so forth. Becoming a firefighter is rarely accomplished without an action plan of goals and objectives to get you there. You wouldn't set out on a cross-country trip without a road map, would you? Why should this process be any different?

The reason you are doing this is to start your own data base of fire departments within your geographical region. It is going to be your template for conducting future researches. This list will become your "Master List" of fire departments that are found within a 50 mile radius of your residence. Once you have completed the counties and cities that are within that radius, it will then be time to expand your search to the counties and cities that are within 100 miles of your residence, then 150 miles, and then 200 miles. I would also suggest listing "big-city or large fire departments" that are out of the 200 mile radius. The reason why is because it might be worth your time and effort to drive or fly to take a test that is 500 miles away if there are plans to hire a lot of firefighters, open up new fire stations in growing areas. Are you thinking this is a waist of time or too much work? First of all, it is not a waste of time. Think back to the need to be proactive. Do you want to be in charge of your own destiny, or do you want someone else to be? I would rather have myself be in charge. That way, I have no one to blame but myself. Also, think of it as a way to educate your self in your local and regional geography. Testing to become a firefighter took me to places I probably never would have ventured to otherwise, and it really educated me as to what cities and counties are within the State of California. Remember, knowledge is power. You never know when that information might be useful in the future. By building this data base now, it will help narrow your focus in the future, thus allowing you to save time and also concentrate on other areas.

Phase 1 - Developing your firefighter candidate research binder
Phase 2 - Organizing your firefighter candidate research binder into chapters
Phase 3 - Obtaining the necessary information for your firefighter candidate research binder
To be proactive, it is going to take some time and some energy, and I suggest you start by doing the following items:
Phase 1: Developing your firefighter candidate research binder
A. Obtain the necessary tools and equipment.
To do this properly, you will need the following items that are available from any office supply store (you might even already have them): One two-inch binder, Blank ruled paper, 8 x 11 Section dividers, Pens / pencils to write with.

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