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Becoming a Paramedic to get a Firefighter Job?

If you understand that there are on average 500-800 candidates for each firefighter job and it takes about a year to get certified, not to mention it will be the toughest thing you have ever done.

Know that 80% of the job offerings are for firefighter / Paramedics and up to 75% of all calls are EMS related. Know that even if you become a Paramedic, you still have the same testing challenges but you will on average be competing against only 20 candidates it is by far your fastest way to a job. Those candidates who might not be the best in the world have figured out if you want a badge, go to paramedic school. This, while too many other candidates are beating their heads against the wall trying to find their way through the maze with the army of other candidates.

Do you know what they call the lowest scoring student who graduates from medic school? Paramedic. Patients on the street are not going to ask what Paramedic school they attended or about their scores.

With budget cuts, affirmative action and increased demand this has become the easiest way to a permanent firefighter job. If you don't believe me look at the job announcements. See the difference between job posts for firefighters and post for firefighter / Paramedics, not to mention most firefighter /Paramedic positions don't even have deadline dates. They are open recruitment because of the lack of qualified candidates.

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